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Gourmet Crumb Onion Rings
Tasty Japanese crumb breading covers natural-sliced sweet Spanish yellow onions.
crumb onions   3/8" Gourmet Crumb Onion Ring
  5/8" Gourmet Crumb Onion Ring
  3/4" Gourmet Crumb Onion Ring
  1" Gourmet Crumb Onion Ring
  Gourmet Cowboy Cut Onion Ring
Homestyle Onion Rings
Flavorful bread crumbs coat nautral-sliced sweet Spanish yellow onions.
breaded onions   3/8" HomeStyle Onion Ring
Battered Onion Rings
Natural-sliced sweet Spanish yellow onions are double battered in a light golden batter and premium draft beer.
beer battered onions   3/8" Beer Battered Onion Ring
  5/8" Beer Battered Onion Ring
  Battered Medium Cut 1/2" Onion Ring
Specialty Onion Products
battered onions   Preformed Onion Rings - Siced onions formed into a ring and battered with a tasty batter.
  Battered Onion Slivers
  Battered Onion & Pepper Slivers - Onion and jalapeño strips that are battered .


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